OB-LA-DI Beagles

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Naiades and Potamoi litter


OB-LA-DI's Light Of Baruch

Fairytosh Water Nympf Naida



Born d. 28 december 2014
12 puppies
6 males (6 Tri) and 6 females (6 Tri)


We desided early to breed Naida in her next litter with a son after Beagelee Finnish Spirrit. We only missed her blodline to be breed with this wonderful and interesting blodline. And more over, we allso with using this Young prommising Boy allso get a very interesting combination on the bitchline with breeding in our wonderful White Witch (mother to elliot). We look forward to see this interesting combination of blodlines.....


Naida proved to be out of a very fertile blodline - 12 puppies, and she gave birth to them in 6 hours. Mother and puppies are doing just fine..... a very interesting combination, if you want to improve the fertility in you breeding....

To keep the respect for the story of Naidas wather nympf name, we desided to name the litter after the greek Wather Nymph's (Naiades) and Water-gods (Potomois)....



Pictures of the litter