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KBHV08 DKCH KLBCH Rostock Sieger10 VETCH
 Nangunyah Magic N Motion(Mic-Mag (MLS and IGS free))

Regnr. DK04432/2007
Født: 5 oktober 2006

I was in love with the beautifull bitch Nangunyah Spellbound, that Sue has Breed.

I was happy that Sue let me have this wonderfull boy, he has it all... Movement, smartnes, and what a good temperament.

We got Magic here in Martch 2007, and he was placed as broncemale in 2007 and 2008, and has got many nice Best in group placements, and speciality wins in Denmark.

He is looking to be a very good Sire, where we see that he passes on his fluently movement and his perfect beagletemperament. I have never had a more perfect Beagle in temperament - he is ready to work when he is asked to, and 2 sek. after he just relaxes and enjoy's beeing on the back on my lap in the sofa.... We are happy that Sue Bownds let us have this wonderfull boy, and we are enjoying working with him as a showdog and studdog.