OB-LA-DI Beagles

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 Brialey Aussie Maid( (Line))

Regnr. DK03869/2009
Født: 25 januar 2006

We want to thank Lesley and Brian for this wonderful bitch Leisel (Called Line). We have her in cooperation with our friends at kennel Hanne, who allso have her at home in their sofa.

Line quickly got her danish Titel, only few shows and she was finnished.

What a dream of a bitch - she just has the perfect temperament and looks to be a very good producer.

We made the first litter with Line in the fall 2009, with the American male USCH Scentini The Aviator, and from taht litter we have kept a prommising little boy, and Kennel hanne a prommising bitch. So we look forward to se how Line wil influence the breed the next years...