OB-LA-DI Beagles

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Jadis 2. litter


Fairytosh What A Devil

OB-LA-DI's White Witch From Narnia



Born d. 11 november 2011
7 puppies
4 males (3 Tri, 1 Bi) and 3 females (2 Tri, 1 Bi)


We have desided to Breed Jadis with the young and promissing male Dwane. He is a halfbrother to our own Naida, and has a father line of a mixture of US and UK blodlines.

Dwane has a fantastic movement and lots of showmanship, so we hope the puppies will get the good combination of smartness from Jadis, and the showmanship from Dwane.

But lets see what will be out of this combination.


At 11 nov. Jadis got 4 males and 3 females.

They has the most interesting markings. 

1,1 Tan/white (and nearly white)

3,2 Tricolor.



Pictures of the litter