OB-LA-DI Beagles

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Naida's - Rooster litter 2013


Jabrwoki's Chanticleer

Fairytosh Water Nympf Naida



Born d. 6 september 2013
6 puppies
2 males (1 Tri, 1 Bi) and 3 females (1 Tri, 2 Bi)


With this combination of blodlines we do get a dubble up on the fantastic drive and movement they both have.
Rooster was himself a little wonderful dog, and he was the father to one of the most wonderful small male i have seen - JABRWOKI'S A CANTERBURY TALE. Chief is im my tast of beagles just wonderful, smal size and wonderful type and movement.... lets hope we get somthing like him out of this combination..... we hope.


Naida gave birth to 6 wonderful puppies on 6/9. 3 males and 3 females. All are doing so fine. We will upload pictures as often as possible.
One day old, i like the rearangulations, the short backs and the strong necks at all of the puppies.... a very prommising start...
The Litter is Named after the Adventure "The Legend"



Pictures of the litter