OB-LA-DI Beagles

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Escada's Stardust-litter


Lanbur's Cafe Macchiato

DKJCH DKCH Rostock Sieger 2010, Dansk Vinder 2010 (DKV10), Guldtæve 2010, Guldungtæve 2010
The Fortune Hunters Call Me Escada



Born d. 23 august 2011
8 puppies
4 males (3 Tri, 1 Bi) and 4 females (3 Tri, 1 Bi)


This combination we had orriginally planned to make in Ester's last litter, but desided to breed her with Jimmy now, and then problerly breed her with frozen semen at her next litter. 

This will be a very interesting combination of 2 beagles that fit very well together, both in blodlines, in type and temperament.... so we a really excited to se the result of this combination....


What a Mom.... Escada just gave birth to her puppies without making a blink with the eyes.... Amazing, not only is she a topwinning showbitch, with a wonderful temperament, but she is allso a very fertile and perfect bitch for thwe breeding.... how lucky can we be..... we are very happy with the result og 4 males and 4 females, and just look forward to enjoy the time with them growing up...



Pictures of the litter