OB-LA-DI Beagles

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Naida's Cars Litter


Cert vinder
Dufosee Ronnie

Fairytosh Water Nympf Naida



Born d. 29 august 2011
8 puppies
5 males (3 Tri, 2 Bi) and 3 females (3 Tri)


We have desided to make a interesting combination - based on the UK blodline behind Ida. With this combination we do focus on keeping Ida's perfect movement with mating with a dog, that reaches out well in the rear.

We do look forward to see the result of this UK-inspired litter.


On 29 aug. Naida gave birth to 8 very nice healthy puppies. 3 tricolor bitches, 2 very nice bicolor males, and 3 tricolor males.

This is a very interesting combination of the Smartness through Macchiato (Naida's father), and the very good movers behind Naida on the mother side, and on the Father Ronnie.

So if this litter turnes out af we hope, we will get a pack of medium sized, smart supermovers, with good short backs and god front constructions. We are exite to follow the litter grow up.



Pictures of the litter