OB-LA-DI Beagles

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Golden Compass litter


USCH BALTV'07+08 EEV'08 LVV'08 LTV'09
Scentini The Aviator

OB-LA-DI's White Witch From Narnia



Born d. 31 december 2009
6 puppies
3 males (3 Tri) and 3 females (3 Tri)


We have choosen to breed White Witch with the beautiful Aviator, that have a perfect outline and some interesting outline parrent blodlines.

We hope to get a bit more energi, and a bit of the outline from Jett, so that our beautiful Jadis will give birth to som wonderful puppies, that has all her qualities added that.

We do expect a lot from this litter.


Jadis got 7 lovely tricolor puppies in the hours up til new Years evening. Of those 3,3 surviwed an else very easy delivery, and Jadis do take care so nicely of the puppies.

We will update with pictures so often as possible... and the puppies will be named after the adventure movie "The Golden Compass". where the humans are seperated from their soul - i like the idea of that you with age finds you final shape, and that your personality shows through what kind of animal you have.... in the adventure they have to find the dust to get to the other worlds.....

The names will be:


...dust of Serafina Pekkala
...dust of Lyra Beacqua
...dust of Stelmaria

...dust of Lord Asriel
...dust of Iorek Byrnison
...dust of Pantalaimon




Pictures of the litter