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 OB-LA-DI's Little Mermaid(Maddy)

Regnr. 09368/2004
Født: 30 april 2004

Maddy is my dream of a beagle. She has all of what i think has to be in a good beagle, and is in many ways the result of all my work with the old blodlines that i loved so much. She is "daddys sweetheart", that maby allso have learned to get advantage of that beeing so nice and velbehaved until she suddently desides to act like a puppy and steal things and so on.... a real Beagle.

To be able to get it all conected and end up in a result like this still makes me humble.

Maddy got her title on her fifth CAC and has been winning a lot on the shows - ending up as bronce and silver bitch in Danmark.

When then you allso gets a bitch like her, that then produces her qualities in the next generations, i need to say "thank that i got the possiblity to experiance this" and im so pleased to follow her wonderful ofspring in the ring.

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