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Maddys "Dawn Tread" litter 2010


Lanbur's Cafe Macchiato

OB-LA-DI's Little Mermaid



Born d. 8 september 2010
7 puppies
4 males (4 Tri) and 3 females (2 Tri, 1 Bi)


Maddy has been a perfect producer... and to try to get som interesting details into her next litter, we have desided to breed her with our very lovey typed stud dog, Jimmy.

We hope to get a litter where we get a good type and good short bodied and well moving ofspring after theese wonderful parrents.


Maddy got 7 wonderfull puppies wensdag night, and both Pups and Maddy is doing fine. More information and pictures will follow.

The last litter after Maddy is allso named after the Mytologi about the figures in the world of Narnia. The 3.th Movie is Called "the Dawn Tread", and the puppies will get the following names:

OB-LA-DI's Mythological Gael
OB-LA-DI's Mythological Lilliandill
OB-LA-DI's Mythological Dawn Tread

OB-LA-DI's Mythological Eustace
OB-LA-DI's Mythological Tavros
OB-LA-DI's Mythological Rynelf
OB-LA-DI's Mythological Coriakin




Pictures of the litter